You can download videos from facebook and Instagram

We all love listening to songs and watching videos. Mostly we use facebook, Instagram and Facebook to listen to songs and watch videos. Although many songs and videos can be watched through these. We all know that we cannot download them to our phones. We keep taking up the internet on our phones to watch our favorite songs or videos again. Due to this, the mobile data will be exhausted very quickly.

But if we download and save these videos and songs to our mobile phone storage, we can enjoy them as needed without the help of internet. So we are introducing you an application that can download videos and songs from facebook, Instagram and twitch.

To get this application you can type www.getcc.in in google chrome and download from their website. Or you can download the application through the link given below. Links to social media applications like Facebook, and Instagram can also be found in the interface that appears when the application is opened. Now let’s see how to download videos using this app.

If you want to download the video from facebook,. Open the application. Then select videoder on it. Then it will be on videoder . From here you can search and find the video you want. After opening the video, the option to download will be shown.

You can download video in desired quality. Another use is through this application. The downloaded video file can also be converted into an audio file. In this way, you can save your favorite songs from eoder to your phone as an audio file.

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